🧑‍🌾Oops! What Did the Farmer Lose Now?

It was one of those special days on the farm where everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly. The sun was shining, giving us a break from the usual cooler temperatures, and even with plenty of chores on my list, it felt more like a day to enjoy the outdoors than to work. As evening approached, I was ready for some downtime. I settled into my recliner, covered with a cozy sheepskin, looking forward to relaxing with Tess and Anne. Movie night was something we hadn't managed to enjoy for a while, what with all the rush to get Easter orders out and prepare for our upcoming spring sale.

The movie had us all laughing and fully absorbed, when suddenly, I noticed the quiet. It was too quiet. That's when I realized something was off. "Wait, hang on, where's my phone?" I panicked, a feeling I'm sure you're familiar with.

Anne, ever so helpful, started to call my phone, hoping its ring would lead us to it. After an unfruitful search of the house, I figured I must have left it at the barn. That's when I remembered a moment from earlier in the day, while I was responding to a comment on Facebook during chores. I had been leaning against the hood of my truck with my phone in hand and thought to myself, "Don't forget it here, Rod." I was pretty sure I had paid attention to that reminder but maybe not?

Unfortunately, my search in the barn turned up nothing, and even retracing my steps based on the last GPS location of my phone was fruitless. It wasn't until I drove back into the driveway, with the day fading away, that I found my phone lying on the gravel, clearly having been run over not just once, but during all three of my frantic search attempts.

So, off I went on Sunday to get a new phone, a chore that's as enjoyable as trying to herd cats. Yes, it seems my habit of forgetting things has gotten the better of me once more. But no need to worry; navigating through these moments of forgetfulness has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It certainly keeps things from getting dull, doesn't it?

Here's to a week filled with moments that are memorable for all the right reasons—hopefully without any "Oops, I did it again" situations.

Your Farmer, Rod
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