About Us

Greetings from our family farm nestled in Tupperville, Ontario, Canada!

We're dedicated to conveniently providing you our top-notch small farm raised Ontario lamb - a unique and delicious alternative red meat straight from our farm. Embark on a culinary adventure with a captivating meat choice that offers a delightful departure from the usual, igniting creativity in your kitchen.

Are you tired of the same old meat options? Concerned about the quality of grocery store offerings? Our story begins where these concerns resonate. In 2019, we revived lamb production on our 7th generation family farm. Armed with determination, a handful of Sheep, and relentless effort, we were unwavering in doing things the right way. Today, we're recognized as a premier farm-to-table meat producer, earning the trust of our cherished customers.

Ewing Family Farm stands firmly committed to animal health and well-being, steering clear of harmful hormones or questionable practices that taint the meat industry. Our emphasis on quality extends to the welfare of families and the environment alike.

As proud proponents of the farm-to-table movement, we offer you meat of unparalleled quality, brimming with delectable flavor in every bite. Our customers have ventured into an entirely new lamb-based culinary world, and we're confident you'll relish the journey too.

Join us in championing the farm-to-table philosophy by supporting our farm and sharing your experience with loved ones. Your choice to partner with Ewing Family Farm propels us on our shared journey, one filled with flavor, sustainability, and the joy of farm-fresh goodness.

Thank you for making Ewing Family Farm a part of your culinary story. We eagerly anticipate serving you and accompanying you on this farm-to-table adventure for you and your loved ones.