🏖️Trading Tropical Cocktails for Manure 💩

Happy Friday, my fellow lamb enthusiasts!

This week kicks off with a story that's as cozy as a barn on a brisk evening. Remember our neighbor friends, the ones who heroically stepped in to assist with lambing last fall? Yes, those invaluable neighbors, who, in a pinch, became our unsung heroes as we dashed to a wedding. Well, it turns out they were plotting a little escape of their own, aiming to visit family in the chilly embrace of Minnesota.

So, the phone rings, and it's them, asking, "Hey Rod, think you can handle double duty for a week? Keep an eye on the animals?" Without skipping a beat, I replied, "Yup, I sure can, but you can't pay me!" Now, before you think I've taken a vow of charity, let me share the twist in the tale.

While Anne and I have been scrolling through our Facebook feeds, envying friends and family sipping tropical drinks on sandy beaches, we've been donning our finest farm attire, spreading sheep contributions (yes, poo) on frost-kissed fields. So, when Dianne and Johannes asked for help, my mind leaped faster than a lamb in spring.

"A trade," I proposed, with the straightforwardness of a farmer assessing the weather. "How about a trade?" There was a pause, a moment of curiosity, before Dianne replied, "What do you mean?" Ah, the sweet sound of negotiation. "Anne and I could really use a couple of days off this summer," I ventured. And just like that, the deal was struck. A few days of farm chores for a precious slice of leisure in late 2024.

I must confess, the thought of not doing chores for three whole days has me more ecstatic than a ewe on fresh pasture! Don't get me wrong, I adore my work, but the allure of a change of pace and the thrill of planning a getaway? Priceless.

So, as we continue our daily labors, let's remember the value of community, the art of the deal, and the joy of looking forward to well-deserved breaks. It's the simple pleasures and unexpected opportunities that make rural life so unique.

Your Farmer(s)

Rod (and Anne, too!)
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