🐮From Barren Bins to Bustling Barns: A Bit of Back Story 🧑‍🌾

Just sittin' here in the barn waiting for lambs to come, thinkin' 'bout how life's a curious journey, especially here at Ewing Farm. It's a yarn worth spinnin', especially today, 'cause it's our boy Ezdon's 25th birthday. Makes me ponder on how he's partly the reason we're knee-deep in sheep instead of just dirt and crops.

I've always just been a crop guy, never much thought about livestock. That was until Ezdon, got a wild idea in his woolly head when he was about 16. See, Anne, my better half, she had a bit of know-how about farm animals from her childhood, but me? I was greener than spring grass when it came to livestock. But we figured, why not? Might be a fine way for Ezdon to learn some responsibility and start his own little business venture.

Now, the first hurdle was we didn't have a barn. But, as luck would have it, Anne had a lightbulb moment. Out in the field were these old grain bins, built by my dad when he was not much older then Ezdon is now. They were just sittin' there, deserted as a beach on this winter day and rusting away. I says to Ez, "How 'bout we slap a door on one of these bins? Cows won't mind livin' in the round, right?" So, that's exactly what we did. Next thing you know, we had three bottle calves, lookin' as confused as a goat on astroturf, but they were ours.

Ezdon and Anne, they learned the ropes together, and before long, those calves were part of the family. And would you believe it, that little experiment planted the seed for what's now our bustling lamb operation. Just goes to show, you never know where life's gonna take you.

So here's to Ezdon, the spark that lit our livestock farming fire. Happy birthday, son.

Your Farmer, Rod
Grain Bin Barn
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