🐶Hero at Dawn: How Rita Saved the Day—Again!

Rising with the sun this Thursday, the cold had finally broken, the winds were calm, and the sun was shining—a beautiful morning greeted me, marking a perfect start to the day. As always, our faithful house dog, Lily, was by my side, eager to accompany me. Our first task? Hook up the livestock trailer and head to the lamb barn to load up a few lambs for their final journey.

Lily and I made our routine stop at Brown's Garage for a quick fuel-up and a catch-up on the day's farm and town agenda. After delivering the lambs, we headed back to do chores, the homely scent of the farm filling the air as we drove up the lane. But something was amiss today—Rita, our indispensable livestock guardian dog, wasn't there to greet us. If you're a long-time reader, you'll know that Rita's absence usually means she's attending to serious business.

Curiosity piqued, Lily and I ventured into the barn where I spotted Rita in the big pen, seemingly guarding our ewes and their new lambs. As I drew closer, my heart skipped a beat. Rita seemed to be gnawing at something. A sudden, unsettling thought crossed my mind — could that be a lamb? Rushing into the pen, visions of the worst flashed before me, only to discover Rita heroically standing over a defeated intruder, a muskrat.

Relief washed over me, mixed with a twinge of guilt for doubting her. Quickly shifting from concern to pride, I praised Rita with her favorite treat, reaffirming my trust in her vigilant nature.

At three years old, Rita has earned her keep several times over. As the distant howls of coyotes fill the night, I sleep soundly, knowing Rita stands guard, a barking sentinel over our flock.

Thank you, Rita, for your service and for ensuring the safety of our ewes and lambs, even when your actions are misunderstood at first glance.

Your Farmer, Rod
🐶Hero at Dawn: How Rita Saved the Day—Again!
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