📰 This Week's Ups and Downs - A Heartfelt Letter from Rod 📝

I hope this note finds you cozy and dry, wherever you may be. It's been a week filled with emotional ups and downs here at the farm, almost like writing a letter to the legendary advice column, "Dear Abby." Just as Abby would listen attentively, I'm here to share my week with you—a friend who understands.

Spring, as you might guess, sets a dramatic stage at the farm. There's an old farmer's adage, "Farmers are never happy," and, well, this week it felt particularly true. We had a brief window to plant corn in one of our fields, and I jumped at the opportunity. That field is sprouting nicely, and for that, I'm thankful. However, now the rain keeps coming, and while it’s perfect for the newly planted seeds, it’s less ideal for planting the rest of our crops. It’s a classic farmer’s conundrum—happy for the rain, yet eager for it to pause.

Switching gears to the lamb side of things, it's been equally eventful. We’ve ramped up our presence on Facebook, reaching out to connect with many of you and hopefully some new faces too. Opening up online can invite unwarranted criticism alongside support, and this week, the balance tipped a bit too much towards the former. Comments questioning our integrity and calling our hard work a scam disheartened me deeply. It's challenging to brush off the negativity when it’s aimed at something you pour your heart into.

Just when I was feeling overwhelmed, the universe sent me a sign—well, actually, it sent me Peter. Peter, a new customer, chose this week of all weeks to order a whole lamb for his family. He doesn’t know it, but his timing was impeccable. His call was a beacon through the fog of doubt, reminding me why we do what we do. It’s for folks like Peter and each of you who believe in our mission and support our endeavors.

Thank you for letting me share this rollercoaster of a week with you. It feels good to voice these highs and lows, just like the old "Dear Abby" letters, knowing there’s a friend out there listening.

Wishing you a weekend of sunshine and smiles,


📰 This Week's Ups and Downs - A Heartfelt Letter from Rod 📝
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