Bad Employee

Afternoon, if you were standing here havin a chat with me i guarantee my big white fluffy mess of a guardian dog would be jumping on you for attention.

Her name is Rita, and she takes her employment here very seriously.

There's coyotes round these parts and Rita's Job is to Protect the Flock from them.

If a orphan Lamb or a sick ewe presents its self Rita will sit by there side to protect them basically for ever, as she should. Problem is she protects them from Me too (Thats A Problem!). Don't let that fluffy face fool you she can be mean.

Of Couse that behavior towards me is bad, I'm not a dog trainer but I'm googlin away trying to fix the issue......

Anyhow, back to my subject line Is Rita?? a "Bad Employee",

So the other day I Had ewes Out in pasture beside the barn, I had Ewes in the barn Lambing and Lambs in another shelter beside that. I went up to the barn about midnight to check for any new lambs and There Rita was Wide awake, Laying down perfectly positioned to be able to see all three groups.

The Next morning I said to Anne, You know Rita's like that Employee you wish you could get rid of because they're a real pain in the butt, But at the end of the day they are excellent at there job so you keep them around. And she's Cute of course .. that helps.
Bad Employee
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