Do Egyptian Dogs Like Lamb Table Scraps?🐶

Why would a rescue dog from Egypt understand English? Pretty random eh? The answer remains one of life's quirky mysteries. But let me spill the beans on this week's happenings.

So, Dad was on the hunt for a new-to-him truck, and lo and behold, we stumbled upon the perfect one just an hour away near Windsor. During our family Christmas party on New Year's Day, I volunteered to take Dad to snag it if he was interested. Meanwhile, in the whirlwind of the week, I reached out to the lucky winner of our December draw for a Half Lamb. We scheduled a visit to drop off her lamb on Wednesday afternoon.

Now, as luck would have it (or maybe it was fate playing with us), Dad had been in negotiations for the truck and asked if I could take him to get it—yep, you guessed it, on Wednesday afternoon. Initially, I hesitated and said no. But hold your horses—Sheila, the lamb winner, was only a half-hour from the car lot. This could work!

Off Anne, Dad, and I went at noon on Wednesday. We arrived at the dealership, did some paperwork, and then headed off to Sheila's while the dealer got the new plates. Arriving at Sheila's, we were greeted by Rick, who was working outside with no shoes on—guess he lost a boot in the mud. Mud in January in Canada? Go figure. Anyway, Sheila appeared with her two doggos, an excited young black lab and a beautiful, calm spaniel, both rescues. The spaniel, get this, was from Egypt! My first thought was, does he speak English? I thought it silly to ask so did not, but hey, curiosity takes us to funny places. We chatted about dogs, our farm, and lamb while snapping the obligatory picture for a Facebook post of us presenting their lamb. Just before we left, Sheila dropped the info she knew was probably on our minds—yes, the Egyptian dog understood English commands from day one. Why? Well, that's a head-scratcher we'll probably never solve.

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Do Egyptian Dogs Like Lamb Table Scraps?🐶
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