Do you know where my Jack Knife is by any chance?

Good Afternoon!

Ever wondered what it would be like if our memory was like a steel trap, capturing every tiny detail? Every beautiful sight and every terrible one? Every experience from love to pain. The emotions of complete exhaustion of the night before while enjoying a rejuvenating morning coffee.

Now, I have a knack for losing things – my beloved Jack knife being the most frequent casualty. Or I forget small tasks and events. Our minds remember the big things while they filter out the minutia.

We've all heard the emotional gurus of life profess to focus on the small things, and sure I agree that's great advice, But it points out the issue of human nature to miss them.

This lack of detailed memory is why I didn't have my knife to open a bale of hay last night. It caused me to incorrectly use hoof shears to open the bale. As I watched the shear's spring fly into the universe to never be found again, I was annoyed with my situation, and wished I hadn't lost my knife. It's why I'm here writing about it now. It has become not a small problem but a memorable and expensive one. (Pedicure day is now postponed until Amazon arrives with new ones lol)

So why don't we remember everything, Well I think we all agree we need to filter out the boring, We need to focus on the Joy not the Pain and Rejoice in the Day not dwell in the past. That's why we loose things I think, Our brains just work that way..

But hey here's the good News, I Lost my phone last night. How's that good news? Well, while I was looking for it I reached down in side of my recliner to see if it fell out of my pocket and I found my Jack knife. :-)

Have a great Week!

Your Farmer
Rod Ewing
Ewing Family Farm
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