Dreaming Big : 2024 Growth Plan 😉

Hope your day's going well! Today, I thought I'd share a bit of lighthearted reflection on our farm's growth journey for 2024.

In the world of small farming the economics can often feel like navigating a particularly stormy sea, and this year seems to be setting up for quite the squall with low market prices and high input costs. However, I've caught wind of the impending weather early enough to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Let's not dwell too heavily on the seriousness just yet.

As I've shared before, my spirit thrives on projects—activities that keep my hands busy and my mind engaged. It seems I've stumbled upon a project so unassuming that our bank account might just overlook it entirely.

My mornings kick off at 6:30, as Anne and Tess head out into the dawn, bound for their school bus duties, leaving me in the quiet company of our house dog, Lily, and a steaming cup of coffee. After sifting through emails and catching up with my favorite YouTube farmers, Lily and I head out, with her in the back of the pickup, off to greet Rita (the sheep gaurdian dog) and the flock.

Now chores usually span an hour, give or take, but nature's call doesn't wear a watch. This predicament presents me with a dilemma: trek back to the house and shed my barn attire for a bathroom break, risk Anne's ire by not doing so, or opt for the great outdoors. This week while pondering these options amidst my tasks, a lightbulb moment occurred—a solution not just for efficiency but potentially marking a year of great success and growth for our farm.

If our lamb sales hit the mark this year, I plan to embark on a grand farm construction project: an outhouse at the barn. A modest dream, perhaps, but hey, every dream counts, right?

Your Farmer, Rod
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