Ewe Won't Believe Our Farm's Leap of Faith!

Hello Again!

What was I thinkin'? Darn Facebook Marketplace anyhow! It got me again... So, here's the scoop: there's this farm not more than an hour from us, and they posted that they were getting out of sheep. It felt like fate was tugging at my overalls, so I couldn't resist giving them a holler.

After a bit of back-and-forth, we realized we're actually cousin in-laws a few times removed. Small world, right? So now, I trust this fella too! Oh dear, there's no excuse now!

Off Anne and I went to meet our 29 new ewes and 1 ram. We made two trips with the trailer, and now they're all settled in nicely with their new coworkers.

And if you've been keeping up, you know we're trying to make more grazing pasture. But with all these lovely ewe ladies around, I need some new shelter for them this winter. So, we've ordered another one of those covered tent thingamajigs to put up before winter decides to make an appearance.

Needless to say, that growth I was talking about? Well, it's happened sooner than I expected. I'm sure you've all read about our promotion starting today. Here's my plea – it's been an expensive week, and sales are off to a great start, but I sure would appreciate selling out quick!

I'm sure everything will work out, but right now, I'm definitely racing through my mind with ideas of how to share our passion with everyone.

Anyhow, what's this really mean to you, why does it matter? Well, it matters because I want you to understand that our commitment to succeeding is ongoing and growing. You'll see that in what we offer you, how we provide it, and just how darn great our lamb is.

Take care,
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