Farm Tales: Trust your Gut

Hope you're enjoying a week as fine and fresh as we could ever ask for at this time of year! I've got a bit of a tale from the fold to share with you, filled with unexpected twists and, of course, a lesson from the flock.

There I was, during the usual hustle and bustle of dinner time for our ewes, when something rather unusual caught my eye. Laying out a feast of hay along the feed alley, I expected the usual eager parade of fluffy diners. But, amidst the woolly crowd, one ewe decided to break ranks. Instead of jostling for the best spot at the hay buffet, she stood aloof, her appetite seemingly lost. A curious sight indeed!

Now, my first thought was, "Hmm, looks like someone might be in labor." But that seemed as likely as a hen sprouting wool—after all, this group of ewes was nowhere near their lambing season. "I'll check on her in the morning," I told myself, dismissing the slight worry.

The next day, I was met with an unusual silence instead of the warm greeting from Rita, our guardian dog, who's usually more reliable than an alarm clock. No barks, no enthusiastic jumps, just... quiet. That silence was as telling as I hurried to the barn, my farmer's intuition now on high alert.

And there, amid the straw and hay, was the very ewe from last night, proudly beside a newborn lamb. It all came flooding back; the memory of a gate mishap a few months back when this particular ewe had managed, albeit briefly, to sneak into the ram pen. Aha, so that's how our surprise guest arrived! But in the midst of this joy, a shadow lingered; Rita was standing guard over a second lamb that hadn't survived the night. A stark reminder that farm life, for all its beauty, doesn't shy away from teaching us hard lessons.

Reflecting on the night before, I realized that if I'd listened more closely to that little voice inside, maybe things could have been different. Sure, it wasn't officially lambing season, but here at the farm, expecting the unexpected should be part of our daily routine.

So, what's the take-home message from this week's adventures? It's simple: always trust your gut. That inner farmer's voice? It's worth its weight in gold. And while not every story has the perfect ending, each one brings me closer to understanding the animals we cherish.

Thanks for letting me share this slice of farm life with you. It's the unexpected moments that keep us on our toes, remind us to stay connected, and teach us the most about the wild, wonderful journey of caring for our flock.

Until our paths cross again, keep your boots muddy and your spirits high!

Best wishes from the farm,

Your Farmer, Rod
Farm Tales: Trust your Gut
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