Growing Together: Our Farm's Journey with You

Happy Friday!

As another Friday rolls around, it's incredible how time seems to accelerate as we age. It has me reflecting once again on the path I'm navigating through life.

I want to share with you a glimpse of how we sometimes feel. Anne and I were deep in conversation the other day, contemplating our farm and its purpose. We found ourselves pondering the massive profits reaped by big grocery stores and couldn't help but question whether we're fighting a futile battle. Let me paint you a picture of what was on my mind.

Imagine a vast parking lot, with one side dominated by giants like Loblaw's and Walmart, and right in the middle, a small independent grocery store championing local food. All those little independent stores that once stood beside corporate giants have faded away, unable to compete in the relentless price wars. And then there's the Farm to Table movement, and that's us. I wondered, am I foolishly striving to win against Walmart? That would be absurd, right? But after some contemplation and moments of despair, it struck me that we're not in competition with these corporate behemoths at all. It's quite the opposite.

What we're doing here is something they can never do, and perhaps, will never understand. We're cultivating a farm, a community of customers all contributing to its growth. We're sharing our story, our lives, our values, and our product directly with you. This approach sets us light-years apart from the big players. So, what am I really striving for here? We're not aspiring to become a colossal corporate farm. We're content being a small farm, and that's perfectly fine with me. As we experience moderate growth, I'm increasingly focused on sustainability and transitioning away from corporate technology on the farm. We're getting older, and my aim is to settle into a rhythm—a rhythm of the farm that includes wonderful customers like you, whom we're getting to know better with each passing day.

And so, we look to the future with hope and excitement. We're committed to taking care of this farm, to making it a place where we connect with you, and to giving you the best lamb meat we can, made with love and care. As we grow together, we're not just building a brighter and more sustainable future, but a warm one, rooted in our community and the shared joy of farm-fresh goodness. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Your Farmer
Rod Ewing
Ewing Family Farm
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