Happy Mothers Day

Hello, what a beautiful day!

Its Friday morning and I really gotta get out of this office and get some field work done!

It's Super busy on the farm with spring planting and I'm telling you when its this busy that's when the family in family farm happens.

I'd be willing to bet my Mom is having her coffee this morning trying to plan her day but she can't, or I guess she Won't is more accurate.

She knows we will be in the fields today and the only thing on her mind is probably trying to figure out If ill need a ride back from a farm, Or will I be near there house and Need Lunch? Or a afternoon Coffee? Or Maybe she'll be asked to run to the parts store. ..

My Moms a awesome and important part of the Farm always there to support however she can,

Thanks Mom,

Our mom, our farming star,
Caterer, driver, and so much more by far.
Coffee, meals, and words of cheer,
She's always there to calm our fear.

Selfless and kind, her heart so true,
Nurturing the soil and her family too.
Thank you, Mom, for all you do,
Happy Mother's Day, we love you!
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