Have a "Wooly" good Fathers Day

Good Day,

We have gotten about 2 1/2 Inches of rain in the Last few days and I couldn't be happier. Looks like the Crops are going to be just fine. My Stress level has dropped significantly!

I think the timing Should be good to grow more Hay as well, As a farmer knowing I will have hay to feed next winter is such a feeling of relief.

Talkin about feeding sheep, I suppose in a way A Shepard is Like a father, there to Provide for the Flock. Hmm I wonder if Ill get 104 gifts when I go to do chores on Sunday morning. - Well I suppose they might all just chip in and get me one thing.. That's fine too. 😀

Kidding Aside, I am looking forward to Sunday I'll go see Dad and have a coffee on the front porch probably, And spend some time With our Son and Daughter I'm sure.

As the weekend approaches, I encourage you to make plans to spend time with that special person in your life, or take a moment to remember them if they are no longer with us.

These connections and memories bring us joy and shape who we are.

Your Farmer, Rod
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