Lamb Farmer Hates Lamb

Lamb Farmer Hates Lamb!

We don't actually like lamb in our house because we are a typical Canadian family that never had it growing up and the first time we tried it at some restaurant we got a imported half a year old frozen loin chop that tasted "gamey".

Well That's what we used to say, But..

Now we LOVE lamb.

So What Changed?!? Well simply put we tried ONTARIO LAMB and haven't stopped eating it since.

Our family loves our lamb, it's less "gamey" tasting then the imported stuff, It has the Lamb taste but it is much more mellow. Its a bit closer to beef but still has that signature lamb flavor.

I know if your here you probably already like Lamb but I guess my point is if you haven't tried Ontario Lamb please do, Your going to be very surprised how awesome it is..

And then you will buy some from us Right?? 😀

Life On The Farm: We have almost finished Lambing this group of Ewes, four mommas left to Lamb..

Today we also ultrasounded the next group of Ewes.. Who da what you say?!? Yup just like a human Mom we have the Vet out to check for babies coming along in our ewes. We do this to make sure the ladies that are pregnant get the right nutrients to carry healthy lambs. This also tells us which ladies need to spend more time with the boys.. :-)
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