Man Does Midnight Bottle Feeding - A Hard to Believe True Story Bottle Lambs, Pet Lambs, Orphan Lambs

Hey there,

I wanted to have a little chat with you today about something interesting that happens here on the farm. We call them "bottle babies" or "pet lambs," but it's really just a way of saying we have some extra work to do.

You see, sometimes our ewes give birth to more lambs than they can handle. They're only built to take care of two at a time, so we end up being surrogate moms to the rest of them. It's a bit of a juggling act, but it's all part of the job.

Now, I should mention that we do let the lambs spend their first few days with their biological mom. It's important for them to get the natural disease immunity and all that good stuff. This way, we can avoid having to give them vaccinations. After those first few days, it's up to us to step in and make sure they get their fill.

Feeding these little guys is no joke. They need to eat as often as every 4 Hours day and night, so we're talking multiple bottle feedings. It keeps us on our toes, but it's worth it to see them grow strong and healthy.

You might be wondering, why do we go through all this trouble if these lambs are destined for the meat market down the line? Well, it's about giving them the best start in life while they're under our care. Even though their journey with us may be short, we want to make sure they're well-nourished and looked after.

Raising these pet lambs is just part of what we do here on the farm. It might not be the glamorous side of things, but it's a reminder of our commitment to responsible farming practices and taking care of our animals.

I wanted to share this little tidbit with you so you can get a glimpse into the daily happenings on the farm. It's these moments that shape our understanding and appreciation for the work we do, providing quality meat products to folks like you.

Alright, that's enough farm talk for today. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and learn about what goes on behind the scenes. It's folks like you who make it all worthwhile.

'Til next time,

Your Farmer
Man Does Midnight Bottle Feeding - A Hard to Believe True Story Bottle Lambs, Pet Lambs, Orphan Lambs
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