Sold Out

Yup, we are sold out at the moment, (Thanks)

However.... This coffee I'm drinking now is like life support... I've been up all hours of the night for the last few days helping a group of ewes and taking care of new lambs, but I'm not complaining.

Once they are done birthing in a week or so I will put together a plan of when we will be able to release another order date for you.

Some people are asking why we would have a business that's sold out. (They seam Kinda upset about it). You see we are not a middle man marketer buying stock and selling it to you,

We really are a small farm and we are proud of that. We hear from our customers that they want to know and trust us and know where there meat is coming from, That means when we don't have any thing left to sell we have to be "Sold Out" .

I hope that makes sense.

Life On The Farm: Another Lambing group has started!. Many late hours and early mornings this week. One of the things we measure on the farm is lambing percentage, That's how many lambs we get per ewe. Industry standards say if you are over 2 lambs / ewe That's great. We are doing well so far this week, Had one set of 5 one set of 4 And several sets of 3.

Welcome New Subscribers: New around here? Then let me be the first to welcome you to the Ewing farm family. Every week we are seeing more and more people coming through here excited about the farm-to-table movement. We are glad you found us. Welcome home!

Order & Shipping Update: We have confirmed our Processing date on May 29th for the June Shipment, All is on track!

From Our Customers: Hey, thanks for all the messages this week. If i reply in the middle of the night is because I'm sitting in the barn waiting for a ewe to lamb.. lol

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