They Think we are Crazy

We Planted new Pasture This Week And Our Neighbors think I'm Crazy

I was replacing teeth on my cultivator (The Dirt Digger up things) the other day, getting ready to dig into our soil for spring crop planting when I had a thought, What if i didn't have to do this, What if I didn't have to change the oil in that big tractor. What if I didn't need to buy Seed from the big multi national seed companies every year...  Right at that moment my Phone made a very distinctive sound that it makes when a customer buys a Meat package from us. That little Bell was my trigger to take another bold step on this journey you and I are in together.

That Bold Step?  Plant More Sheep Pasture over some of the most fertile Vegetable and Grain farm land in Canada. (Why They Think I'm Crazy)

This Is real Regenerative Sustainable Farming Happening as a direct result of Your Support.

Our land has been tilled and planted annually for over 100 years, And Now I am planting it with Grasses for the last time for years to come.

So Thanks! Thanks for the encouragement to do something bold. This will be better for the Earth, Better for the Sheep, Better for You the meat consumer and better for me, the farmer.

They Think we are Crazy
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