Who Needs A Vacation Anyway

Good Afternoon,

Would it really be that bad if I didn't take a Vacation. I mean, would the world really crumble if I skipped it? Would my inner compass go haywire, turning me into the annoyance extraordinaire?

I mean, when you're back from a trip, do you step into life with a newfound superpower? I'm leaning towards a not-so-much.

Let's face it, do your pals notice you've become this energized, fascinating being after a vacation? Yeah, not really. If anything, you've got a couple of yawn-worthy anecdotes to share and you're more in need of a nap than ever before!

So, what's the deal with vacations anyway? Is there a "Big Travel" conspiracy nudging us to take breaks? Just kidding – though that would be quite the plot twist! The concept might have sprouted from an ancient tradition of journeying home to reconnect with family, now blossoming into what we call vacations. But what purpose does it truly serve today?

Everyone's jumping on the vacation bandwagon this time of year. But hang on a sec, doesn't that sound a tad mainstream for my taste? After all, aren't we all here because I tend to zig when others zag?

Hold your horses, I got a bit carried away there,

That was my valiant attempt at talking myself out of vacation mode, and let me tell you, it was an epic fail. My logic's about as sturdy as a sieve, and oddly, I'm still daydreaming about that escape.

Now, there's just one hurdle left – persuading our daughter Tess to hold down the farm for a few days. If I can pull that off, Anne and I might just sneak away next week! Fingers crossed.🀞

Talk to you later,

Your Farmer
Rod Ewing
Ewing Family Farm
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