Why’s Rita Barking Now? 🐕✨

Ever wonder how the world really works? It’s been a bit of a roller coaster here on the farm. Dad’s had some health issues, and it was touch and go for a few days, but thankfully, everything’s looking better now.

Amidst all the chaos, Thursday morning found me at the barn doing chores. My mind was buzzing with worries about the day ahead, praying for the best. Suddenly, I heard my faithful guardian dog, Rita, bark. Peeking out the barn door, I hoped for a visitor to distract me from my thoughts. But no, there was Rita, shooing off a bird from the pasture as she diligently does all day long.

Returning to my work, I thought it sure would be nice to have a chat—about anything, really—just to take my busy mind away for a few minutes. Usually, I only have one neighbor who stops by the barn from time to time, and we’d had a chat a few weeks back, so it seemed unlikely.

Then Rita barked again. I peeked out to see a pickup truck creeping up our long, pothole-ridden, water-filled driveway. Oh wow, a visitor indeed! But who could it be? It was young Farmer Adam in his shiny new truck, making his way slowly but surely.

I was eager for a chat. Adam’s thinking about getting a few cows and was on a mission to pick my brain about some livestock-related topics. We had a wonderful chat for an hour or so, and it really hit the spot.

After Adam moved on, I returned to my chores, but I couldn’t help but marvel at how my thoughts of a visitor had actually materialized. It left me pondering our journey and how sometimes it’s okay to let life take us along for the ride. Not everything needs figuring out or worrying over. If we take note of the little happinesses that come along, we can find ways to bear the road.

Wishing you all a peaceful week with unexpected joys,

Farmer Rod
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