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Quarter Lamb Deposit

Quarter Lamb Deposit

$25 Deposit - Reserve Yours
$168.00 Final Price Plus Shipping

Our Smallest Bundle - Specially designed for solo lamb enthusiasts, each cut is vacuum-packed in convenient portions. 

Tight on freezer space? No worries! This lamb takes of less then 1/2 Cu ft in your small fridge freezer. 

Inside this delightful bundle, you'll find a mouthwatering assortment of our premium lamb cuts:

  • 8 Chops Total
    • 4 to 6 Loin Chops
    • 2 to 4 Shoulder Chops
  • Half of a Rack
  • Half of a Bone out Leg Roast
  • 1 lbs of Cubed Stew
  • 1 lbs of Ground 

    Savor the taste of locally produced, high-quality lamb meat. Our lambs are raised with care on our small family farm in Ontario, making it a rare gem that you won't easily find in stores.  

    (Formerly The Petite Feast or Lamb Lovers Bundle)

    Note: Product available for sale to Ontario Canada Residents Only (Sault Ste. Marie To Sudbury to Ottawa and South)

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    Experience the Farm to Table Difference

    • Know where your food comes from: Our Lambs are produced on our farm, so you can trust the source and quality of the meat you're eating.
    • Pure and natural: Our lambs are raised without hormones or antibiotics, and our hay is pesticide-free, ensuring you're getting pure, natural meat that's good for you and the environment.
    • Fresh and local: Our lambs are raised in Ontario, so you can enjoy locally produced, high-quality lamb meat that's not commonly found in stores.
    • Convenience and quality: With our online store, you can easily order your lamb from the comfort of your home, and we ensure that your lamb is never stored frozen for long periods of time.
    • Exceptional taste: Our customers have praised the tenderness and flavor of our lamb meat, making it a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious and unique experience.
    • Delivery to Your Door: Our specialty recyclable insulated box and shipping make it easy to get the quality meat you crave, right to your door

    Our Promise

    We're so confident in the quality of our meat that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 7 days and we'll either replace your order or issue a full refund.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Does The Lamb Come From

    Right here on our farm near the small village of Tupperville Ontario. We Have about
    60 Ewes (Lamb Moms) And 4 Rams (Lambs Dads

    How Often Do We Have Lamb

    We have new groups of lamb available year round

    How Much Freezer Space Do I Need

    About 1/2 Cubic Foot for a petite box

    What’s in My Lamb

    We don’t use any Hormones or other Growth stimulants and our hay is pesticide free.